The Best Natural Skin Care Cream Contains the Best Natural Ingredients

It is no secret that we all want the best natural skin care cream. The best natural skin care cream will help skin look younger, smoother, and more radiant. A lot of skin creams out on the market are made using chemicals and synthetic ingredients which are not only ineffective but harmful to the body as well.

Alcohol can be drying and irritating to the skin while fragrances can be toxic. Parabens can interfere with the functioning of the endocrine system and lead to cancer while dioxanes are also known to be carcinogenic. Why pay for something that can do all these to your body?

There is no question that only natural skin care products will do. The best natural skin care cream can help with various skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, uneven skin tone, dryness, roughness, eye puffiness, and dark under eye circles. There are a lot of things that a natural skin cream can do but how do you choose the best natural skin care cream for you?

The answer to that is quite easy. You need to choose the best natural ingredients that will provide a solution to your skin problem. Here are two examples of common skin problems and which natural ingredients will best address them.


Wrinkles are caused by the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen and elastin are two important proteins that keep the skin firm and elastic. Without these proteins, the skin becomes wrinkled and saggy. Here are some natural ingredients that promote an increase in the collagen and elastin in the skin.


Cynergy TK stimulates the body to produce more collagen and elastin. It helps improve the appearance of wrinkles and also works well as a skin emollient because it increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture.


Nano-lipobelle is an antioxidant that helps protect the amino acid chains that produce collagen and elastin. It also fights circulating free radicals in the skin.


Acne can be painful and embarrassing. Manuka honey and jojoba oil are two ingredients which are effective against acne.


Manuka honey has antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties that makes it effective in preventing and treating acne.


Jojoba oil helps regulate sebum in the skin. This is very ideal for oily skin. It also has antibacterial properties which help prevent and treat acne.

Natural skin and beauty products really is best for the skin. To find out more benefits and ingredients for natural products, visit my site today.

Winter Exercise Strategies That Work

When it’s cold and icy outside, it’s hard to motivate yourself to do any kind of winter exercise like going out for a walk or a run, never mind clearing off the car to drive to a health club. What’s more, time off from regular workouts because of the winter holidays makes getting back into the swing of daily exercise a lot tougher.

Add in those motivation sapping winter blues and you can see why even regular exercisers might find it tough to workout during the long winter months. But the reward, if you make the effort, won’t just be to your body when bathing suit season comes along, but also to your overall health and mood according to exercise experts out of Saint Louis University.

If you’re struggling to exercise the experts suggest you think outside the same old workout and get creative. Consider swimming or water aerobics at an indoor pool, or attend a Pilates, yoga or other workout class you’ve been curious to try. Walk the mall or join a walking group that forces you to be accountable to someone else besides yourself. You might also look at your libraries selection of workout videos you can check out for free.

Winter sports also offer lots of fun ways to exercise. Ice skating and skiing are both winter activities that burn lots of calories, and allow you to enjoy the fresh air and cold sunshine as well.

Winter chores like shoveling the drive or walkway are workouts that get you moving and get a bit of work done to boot. Even a snowball fight or an afternoon sledding with the kids can be a fun, natural and effective way to get your heart pumping and your body moving.

By making some adjustments to your exercise routine during the winter months you can still get those workouts in according to Tony Breitbach, Ph.D, director of athletic training education at Saint Louis University. “A change in weather should bring a change to your mindset,” he advises. “As temperatures get colder you need to have a winter sports strategy.”

Just what is that? Start by looking at what you wear. Extreme cold, wind and snow make it vital to dress properly – wearing layers you can take off as you need to. The layer closest to your skin should be of a breathable wicking fabric rather than sweat absorbing cotton.

To this add a layer of fleece or cotton for warmth, and then a windbreaker or another outer layer that blocks wind and water. Don’t forget to protect your face, fingers and toes – as these extremities are the most likely to get frostbitten while you’re out in the cold. If you start to have pain or tingling in your ears, toes or fingers this is a signal that you need to get inside and warm up.

And just as mom always told you, don’t forget the hat. Even though it’s cold and raw outside, you’ll still want to bring along that water bottle, as staying hydrated during winter workouts is just as important as it is during the summer.

While you might not feel as thirsty, you’ll still need to take in liquid as you exercise. If your outdoor workout occurs in the early winter darkness, be sure to wear light colors or reflective clothing so that drivers can spot you easily. Probably most important of all to winter workouts are the warm ups you do before your outdoor exercising begins. Cold weather makes muscles tight and more prone to injury, so you’ll want to pay special attention to your warm up.

Before you head out, do some stretching or other exercises to loosen up those muscles… then when you get out, start with a brisk walk before breaking into a jog. Once you’ve finished the workout don’t stop and peel off clothing when you get back inside – instead let your body adjust gradually to the warmth so that it doesn’t rapidly lose its heat.

By keeping up an winter exercise routine, indoors or out, during the colder months you’ll not only keep your weight under control, but you’ll be improving your health, your strength and stamina, not to mention your mood, just in time for spring!

Top 3 Facts You Should Know About 1000 Calorie Diet Menu

Planning on a new diet? Afraid that you won’t be able to lose weight as much as you intended in a few days time? Then you are just in the right page for facts that will guide you on your way to that weight loss goal with 1000 calorie diet menu.

The 1000 calorie diet menu is one of the most effective diets for people in search of a quick weight loss results in just two weeks-and in a healthy way. This diet provides your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients needed by the body to stay slim, trim, and healthy all the way. Read the following facts below and be in the know what you should and should not do.

Fact #1: There are a lot of considerations that you need to know before going through a diet. You should be aware of the risks and side-effects that may affect your health and lifestyle. As in any low calorie diet, the 1000 calorie diet menu cuts your calorie intake. However, sudden and adverse restriction of too much calories may affect other body functions. If you want to lose weight, do it the right way by having the right balance of food nutrients needed by your body.

Fact #2: The usual 1000 calorie diet menu may sound very tedious and boring at first. In contrast to common beliefs, you will find some of the most healthy and satisfying menus for this diet. You can plan a variety of combinations to make sure that you won’t be eating the same thing in two consecutive days. For your 1000 calorie diet, your meals must contain less fat, less sweeteners and sugar, skimmed milk instead of regular milk, and always serve yourself with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fact #3: Make sure that you stick to the 1000 calorie budget a day. While on a 1000 calorie diet, it is very much recommended that you consume enough water to avoid dehydration. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Follow this diet menu in not more than two weeks and gradually increase your diet requirements. After that, you’ll see the difference that it does to your body.

Diabetes Guide: A Very Quick And Brief Sneak Peek On Diabetes

Of all the afflictions of modern living, diabetes is one that is most common in this century. This unique disease is an affliction that sometimes goes undetected in people for a long while before one actually spots it. It is also a disease that does not confine one to bed rest like a bout of flu, or a viral infection. It shows no outward symptoms like pain or swelling or cough or discomfort. The only suspicion aside this illness is an unnatural craving for sweet things, which again, often gets dismissed as a weakness for sweets or as possessing a sweet tooth. Also, this love for the sugary stuff is not an invariable accompaniment of the disease.

The cause of this disease is the lack of insulin in our body. This hormone is essential for the body to get energy from the food that we eat. So a diabetic may have a hearty appetite and not benefit nutritionally, from the food that he or she consumes. The disease is not limited to a particular age group and even children can be afflicted by it. That is why medical science has categorized diabetes into two major types. Type I diabetes is a form where the body stops producing insulin altogether. This form usually starts in children. The Type II form of diabetes is the category in which some insulin is produced by the body but this insulin is not used properly by the body.

Being a disease that one has to live with for a lifetime, the best way to manage diabetes is to bring about a change in the lifestyle of the individual. Besides medication, diabetes is a disease that has extensive mental and physical implications. Persons suffering from this disease need to be aware of the symptoms of depression and remain in a healthy state of mind. Joining a support group is a big step ahead in remaining healthy despite having diabetes.